Bathroom Design Ideas

These restroom styles might really make a bathroom the envy of all the mother’s in the area! You think I am exaggerating? I am not check out on your own!

Attention to all you bathroom design professionals. If you truly want to please all the mamas when it pertains to their bathrooms then get hectic developing and marketing these terrific ideas. As mommy’s we do not ask for a lot but a few of these tips might go a long way in keeping our happy families happy!!

Okay when it pertains to mirrors I do not see why they can’t make them tooth paste repellent. It appears like every morning and night when I go look in the restroom mirror I see little specks of toothpaste. I am sure it would be much easier to develop mirrors like this rather than to teach my family to brush their teeth with their mouth closed, or paradise forbid wipe off the toothpaste when they are done.

How about a water rail you can turn up on the tub when a young child or more youthful kid is playing in the tub. Lots of children like to play in the tub and some fill up containers of water to set on the edge (that often get knocked over onto the floor). If you had a waterproof rail you might turn up it might keep all the toys, water, and waves in the tub and make things much simpler.

Now this one will be harder to create, and possibly it is something that requires to be taught in school, I understand I have had more success mentor new mathematics, world history, and physics than I have in mentor my household how to consistently change the toilet paper roll when it is empty. However if a style could be created to assist make this take place in houses with children that would be a fantastic invention. Maybe a buzzer needs to go off when it is empty and the doors instantly lock. The only way the buzzer stops or the door opens is when the old roll has been replaced with a new one. I don’t know, this is one for the specialists.

The last bathroom style concepts is the biggie. If developers can create cars that sense when something is getting to close when you are backing up and they can create moisture noticing windscreen wipers I see no reason that those two innovations can not be combined into making a smart toilet. Can’t all you moms envision how much more enjoyable cleaning up the bathroom would be if your toilet was equipped with those 2 innovations? If this ever becomes a mainstay in bathroom plumbing you can wager it will be a mother that invents it!

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